Student Resources

Undergraduate Advising

Lower Division Students

First year freshmen (0-29 units):

Sophomores (30-59 units):

Upper Division Public Health majors

Upper Division (junior and senior standing, 60 unit or more) student majors will make an appointment with their department faculty advisor assigned by the student’s last name. Please refer to the following: 

Student last name A – C

Advisor: Supriya Misra, Click here to schedule an advising appointment. 

Student last name D – K

Advisor: David Rebanal, Click here to schedule an appointment. 

Student last name L – P

Advisor: Juliana van Olphen, Please email to make an appointment. 

Student last name: Q – Z

Advisor: Atina Delfino, Click here to schedule an advising appointment. 

Public Health Minors

For advising for Minor in Health Education or Minor in Women’s Health Issues, please email for more information.