Undergraduate Advising

Lower Division Students

First year freshmen (0-29 units):

Sophomores (30-59 units):

  • For GE advising, make an appointment with an advisor in the CHSS Student Resource Center.
  • For Health Education major advising as a lower division student, make an appointment with the lower division major advisor in the Department of Public Health: Atina Delfino,

Upper Division Health Education majors

Make an appointment with your assigned advisor by student’s last name.

Fall 2021 Health Education Major Advisors

(for upper division students – at least 60 units)

Student last name A – C
Advisor: Supriya Misra,

Student last name D – L
Advisor: David Rebanal,
o make an online appointment, click here.

Student last name M – R
Advisor: Juliana van Olphen,

Student last name: S – Z
Marty Martinson,

Health Education Minors

For Health Education Minors advising and Women’s Health Issues Minor advising, make an appointment with Atina Delfino,