Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health is a 58 unit program designed to build students’ knowledge and skills in the field of public health and provide a pathway for graduates to enter a range of professions to influence and support the health of communities. Students engage with a curriculum grounded in public health competencies of social determinants of health, epidemiology, health policy, community organizing, health and power inequities, public health programming and practice in the field. They also build skills to support their agency as informed and engaged participants in a democracy; these include, but are not limited to, oral and written communication skills, quantitative, scientific and information literacy, critical thinking, critical consciousness, cultural humility, teamwork, leadership and creative problem solving. This public health foundation prepares students for a broad range of roles and types of jobs where they may use knowledge, skills and values gained from their public health training to address public health challenges of the 21st century and to advocate for and build healthy communities.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify effective strategies for advocacy and community organizing to improve health and health equity.
  2. Explain behavioral, biological, social, environmental, economic, policy and systems level factors influencing public health.
  3. Communicate orally, in writing and visually, coherently and persuasively in the context of public health using multiple platforms.
  4. Describe qualitative and quantitative research, including assessment, evaluation, data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  5. Plan interventions using research and theory to improve population health and reduce health inequities.
  6. Analyze the influences of social policy and health systems on population health.
  7. Demonstrate professional skills including teamwork, leadership, cultural humility, community engagement and critical reflection.

Course sequencing and Roadmap

All Public Health majors should follow the roadmap as closely as possible to ensure proper sequencing of major courses as outlined in the bulletin

Career Paths & Job Outlook 

Check out the Public Health tab on the Career & Leadership Development page for tons of resources and information on career paths, salary, professional associations, and employment opportunities!