Historically, students were determined ineligible for CalFresh unless they met certain exemptions. One of these exemptions is being enrolled in a Local Program that Increases Employability (LPIE). 

We are pleased to announce that the Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Master of Public Health are both now approved as a CalFresh student exemptions due to meeting the criteria of a Local Program that Increases Employability (LPIE), described in the CalFresh E&T Component Guide

Please follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Apply for CalFresh at or email to set up an appointment with the San Francisco State University CalFresh Outreach team.  
  2. Submit CalFresh verification documents at under the “submit documents” box or submit CalFresh verification documents with your CalFresh Outreach team. In participating counties, verification documents can also be submitted by creating an account on
The CalFresh Help Clinic team can help with verification documents and other eligibility questions.