Sanchez-Vaznaugh presents to SF Sugary Drink Distributors Tax Advisory Committee

Monday, November 25, 2019

"Professor of Health Education Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh was invited by the San Francisco Sugary Drink Distributors Tax Advisory Committee (SDDTAC) to present her research on physical activity in schools to reduce health disparities at their meeting on September 18.

In November 2016, San Francisco voters passed Proposition V to establish a tax on distributors of sugary drinks, often known as a “soda tax.” The law also established SDDTAC to make recommendations to the Mayor’s Office about how the distributors’ tax revenue should be spent and the effectiveness of such a tax.

Sanchez-Vaznaugh stressed the importance of physical activity programming in schools as a way to reduce health disparities. Schools play a crucial role because they can reach a large number of children. Additionally, children from socially and economically marginalized communities are generally at highest risk for inactivity, least likely to be physically fit and most likely to live in neighborhoods with limited physical activity opportunities.

For more information about the SDDTAC and/or to see Sanchez-Vaznaugh’s slides, visit the SDDTAC website."

Feature From: SF State's CHSS Connection Newsletter, November/December 2019