Coursework & Scheduling


The 44 unit curriculum consists of 17 courses listed below. Most students elect the five semester degree completion plan. However, longer time to degree completion plans are also available, one example being a seven semester plan. For additional information on course descriptions, please visit SF State's Academic Bulletin: MPH Degree Requirements and click on the course you are interested in learning more about.

  • PH (H ED) 810 Public Health & Principles of Community Organizing (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 811 Community Health Education Professional Formation (1 unit)
  • PH (H ED) 815 Theories of Social Behavioral Change in Community Health Education (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 820 Community Health Assessment (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 821 Public Health Profession Practice (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 822 Advanced Public Health Profession Practice (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 825 Epidemiology (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 828 Biostatistics Laboratory (1 unit)
  • PH (H ED) 829 Biostatistics & Public Health (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 830 Health Education Planning, Management & Administration for Community Change (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 835 Public Health Policy (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 840 Program Evaluation Design & Research (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 845 Educational Processes, Training & Curricula in Public Health (3 units)
  • PH (H ED) 855 Environmental Health (1 unit)
  • PH (H ED) 884 Seminar in Applied Community Health Education Research (Public Health Inquiry) (2 units)
  • PH (H ED) 890 Master of Public Health Culminating Experience Seminar (3 units)
  • Elective Course (3 units)


To accommodate working professionals, the SF State MPH class meetings are concentrated as much as possible into two days per week.

Principal Day

Currently, Thursdays, from 9:00AM through the evening during each semester of enrollment in the program. Consequently, for all semesters of program enrollment, students must negotiate release time from their employment on the principle day.

Note: All students are expected to keep this day designated for the program in case shifts in course scheduling occur on the principal day. Also, the principal day is reserved for periodic program related activities.

2nd Course Day

As much as possible, the program concentrates coursework onto one principle day and a second day. Currently, the scheduling of the second course day is as follows (May be subject to change):

  • Semester One: The second coursework day will be Monday or Tuesday with a start time of 4:00PM, going into the evening.
  • Remaining Semesters of Program: The second coursework day will be a Monday or Tuesday evening, consisting of a three hour class period, usually with a 6:00PM start time.
  • Elective: The day/time of the elective course will depend on the particular elective course selected by the student.

Group Project Work Time Scheduling

  • TEAM TIME COORDINATION: When setting meeting times and dividing team tasks, student teams must attempt to minimize conflicts with work and life commitment schedules of individual team members.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Students should be aware that occasional additional work hour flexibility will likely be necessary during periods of student team project completion, which might include evenings, weekends, and business hours on days other than Thursdays, the latter especially coming into play when working on projects that include engagement with the community during daytime business hours.
  • BUILT IN PROGRAM TIME: The principal day may provide prime time for small group project meetings and activities.